The Camelot Conspiracy, by author E. Duke Vincent
The Camelot Conspiracy

They tried to assassinate Castro and failed… so they set their sites on John F. Kennedy...

When Eisenhower’s White House was covertly planning an end to Castro, the Mob was pleased to assist. The Mob wanted its Havana casinos operational again, and serving as the CIA’s hired guns was keeping the Feds off their backs. But John F. Kennedy’s inauguration brought his brother Bobby into office as Attorney General, and he began a relentless pursuit of the Mob and its teamster puppet Jimmy Hoffa—the man who controlled the millions they needed to build their Vegas casinos.

“Bobby Kennedy is a snake,” said Hoffa. “And how do you kill a snake? You cut off its head.” Everyone knew Lyndon B. Johnson despised Bobby, and the moment Johnson took the oath of office, Bobby would be out.

Charismatic, olive-skinned WW II hero Dante Amato is eye candy for the ladies, and as The Outfit’s man in Hollywood and Vegas, has no qualms about killing. For his attempt to assassinate Castro, the delicious and beautiful Cuban aristocrat Marissa del Valle is assigned as his partner … but when their target shifts from Castro to the President of the United States, Dante rebels. Time is running out, and the Mob has three shooters positioned to back up the unsuspecting patsy Lee Harvey Oswald.

Now, like a tracer bullet linking the factual events, historic characters, and hard truths of November 1963, master storyteller E. Duke Vincent, author of Mafia Summer, creates a gripping and multi-layered portrayal of the tragic power struggles and betrayals among federal agencies, Mob capos, Cuban exiles, and Castro’s inner circles … leading to the name of the Grassy Knoll shooter … in a novel that will forever change what you thought you knew about the Bay of Pigs, the Cuban Missile Crisis, and the day John F. Kennedy died.